When it’s Time to Change Your Training Routine

Do you have aches and pains all over? Do you feel tired all the time and have no energy once you get home from work? Do you constantly order out to eat because cooking seems like a monumental task? Do you get winded from going up a flight of stairs? Do you have weights in the garage collecting dust or better yet a membership to a gym you never go to? Do you say next week on Monday you will start fresh and make a change for the better? If you said yes to any of these then you are in need of some change in your life.

Here is a common scenario I see all the time. You realize you have a trip coming up in a couple weeks so it makes no sense to start training now and then take a break. You will just start fresh when you get back from the trip. You get back from the trip and then decide you want to wait till next month to start and then push it back even further to after the holidays and start fresh next year. Yet in the meantime nothing has changed except you have gotten weaker, fatter, sicker, and still are in a lot of pain and have no energy to get through the day.

Here is your wakeup call. Each day you wake up is one day closer to your death bed! The more you put something off the more chances are of that never happening. You can accelerate the ending date of your life here on earth or you can prolong it by making a change. It all starts with you and making the decision that you actually want to make that change.

Your friends and family will encourage you or not. They may be in the same boat as you and if that is case then you are going to be going at it alone. It is going to take a lot of willpower and discipline on your part to make that change a reality. If you find a good coach and group of people to train with, they will help support and motivate you on your journey.

When you actually do decide to make that change on your own, be prepared for a lot of work because that’s what change is, work! Change is not easy. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to attain the goal you want to achieve. It all depends on how bad do you want that goal.

To obtain a bachelor’s degree in college, it generally takes four years. Those 4 years can be brutal depending on the degree you are working on, but you get through it and graduate. Now the reason you got thru it is because you knew starting out it would take that long and also not every course was pushed into one semester.

Some people think they need to workout 3 hours every day in order to see results. As a novice lifter, training like this will cause you to be extremely sore and you will not want to workout again for another month. In your mind you have created negative emotions with training.

When it comes to training, it is best to build up slowly over time and make little progressions each time you train. Every time you finish a training session, you should feel re-energized and that you got one step closer to your goal. The way you feel about training has a lot to do with the results of your change. The more positive we can make the experience the better the outcome will be for you.

Not every training session is going to be positive. Some days it will be the last thing you want to do, but still somehow find the way to fight thru and get it done. I guarantee that after that training you will feel at least 10 times better than when you started.

Change takes consistency and repetition on a regular basis to happen. It is easier to accomplish this way because we break it up over the week. Training 3 times a week will get great results for most people, high level athletes will need more. Embrace change and know that it will be a long fought out battle.

Throughout your years of training, there will be times that you will have to make little changes here and there to keep making progress towards your goals which is normal. Our bodies adapt after a while and that is why we need to mix things up every now and then. Zach Even-Esh says it best and that is “get comfortable being uncomfortable”! The more uncomfortable situations you can put yourself in the better and the stronger you will be as a whole person because of it.

I cannot force you to make this change nor can your friends. I can hype you up and get you so excited that you feel unstoppable, but nothing will happen until you actually decide for yourself that you want to make that change and take on the lifelong challenge that lies before you. That’s what training is and should be a daily habit for life. If you decide that you actually want to make a change then I urge you to seek out a highly qualified coach to help you along with your journey.

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