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Timed Press Workout

In the timed press workout, you are going to test your mental capabilities along with your strength.   It starts off with doing some fun timed sets of clean and press.  Then you move on to 15 sec on 15 sec off with push ups, squats, and swings. 

Warm-Up (10 min)

One Arm Swings  – 10 reps each side

Skydivers – 5 reps

Goblet Squats – 5 reps

Halos – 5 reps each side

Do as many rounds as you can of each with good form rest as needed.

Part A (3 Rounds)

Clean and Press – 3 min

Do 3 rounds, the goal is to clean and press for 3 min without setting the kettlebell down, switch hands as needed, rest as needed between rounds.

Part B (12 min)

Push Ups – 15 sec

Goblet Squats – 15 sec

Two-Handed Swings – 15 sec

15 sec on 15 sec for 12 min, do push ups for 15 sec then rest for 15 sec, do goblet squats for 15 sec then rest for 15 sec, do swings for 15 sec then rest for 15 sec, repeat the process for 12 min.

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