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Tiger Chain Workout

The tiger chain workout has an awesome kettlebell chain to do along with some tiger bend push ups.  The kettlebell chain in this workout targets the whole body.  Then after that, there is a circuit for you complete with ice skaters and inchworms enjoy!

Warm-Up (10 min)

Two-Handed Swings  – 10 reps

Tiger Bend Push Ups – 5 reps

Lunges – 5 reps each side

Cleans – 5 reps each side

Do as many rounds as you can of each with good form rest as needed.

Part A (3 Rounds)

(Chain) Snatch, Overhead Lunge, Clean, Press – 5 reps each side

Do 3 rounds, one time through each movement is one rep, rest as needed.

Part B (4 Rounds)

Ice Skaters – 30 sec

Figure 8 Swings – 30 sec

Push ups – 30 sec

Goblet Squats – 30 sec

Inch Worms – 30 sec

Do 4 rounds of each, rest 30 sec or less between exercises, rest as needed between rounds.

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