the ultimate kettlebell circuit

The Ultimate Kettlebell Circuit

The circuit was created as a way to train multiple people with different abilities at once.  It’s used primarily as a way to build strength and conditioning at the same time.  A circuit is usually done with limited rest as well which makes it great for fat loss.  


What’s great about the kettlebell is that it is a compact tool with hundreds of capabilities.  Which makes it perfect for circuits as they usually only involve minimal equipment or none at all.   


I can remember doing countless circuits in the wrestling room with just bodyweight movements, pull up bars, and some dumbbells.  In rugby, we had many gym sessions where we do all bodyweight stuff with just some cones and bands.  They were tough sessions, but they made us better.


Now, what does it take to make a great circuit or ultimate for that matter?  It should cover all the basic movements.  It should include a mixture of both strength and power movements.  It should deliver a full-body workout in just a short amount of time.  It should use just a minimal amount of equipment.  


This Ultimate Kettlebell Circuit includes all those things plus it has a few different options as well.


Workout Instructions

This circuit contains a mixture of doing slow strength-building movements followed by explosive power building movements.  There are circuits for just one kettlebell and two kettlebells.  


For the two kettlebells perform each exercise for 30 sec then rest for 30 sec.  For one kettlebell perform each exercise for 20 sec and rest for 20 sec.  Perform 3 rounds for each circuit.  If you want to do more rounds go for it.  I designed these circuits to be close to 30 min, but if you have more time available and want to go longer go for it.


You do not have to use the same kettlebell for each exercise.  If you have multiple kettlebells then go ahead and use them to challenge yourself accordingly.  Especially when it comes to the loaded carries you are going to want to use a heavy kettlebell if you have it.  If all you have is one and you know the load is too light for you for the loaded carry then just increase the length of time to 1 min.


Ways to make this harder is simply by taking out the rest.  Between rounds, you can take a 3-5 min rest or you can just go straight into next the round without the break.  Another option is to take the rest out completely between the exercises and then rest only between rounds.  You could even shorten the rest between exercises as well.   For the one kettlebell circuit instead of resting between sides on an exercise go straight to the next side and then rest. 

In the 2 kettlebell circuit if you don’t know how to do the double half snatch then go ahead and do the single-arm snatch on both sides.


As you can see with this circuit I give you multiple options to keep changing things up and challenging yourself.


The Ultimate Kettlebell Circuit with One Kettlebell

Kettlebell Rows – 20 sec each side 

Snatch – 20 sec each side 

Rack Squat – 20 sec each side

Kettlebell Squat Jumps – 20 sec

Clean and Press – 20 sec each side

Push Press – 20 sec each side

One Leg RDL’s – 20 each side

One Arm Swings – 20 sec each side 

One Arm Farmer Carry – 20 sec each side

One Arm Rack Walk – 20 sec each side

(Do 3 rounds of each movement, use the method of 20 sec on 20 sec off, rest as needed between rounds)

The Ultimate Kettlebell Circuit with Two Kettlebells

Renegade Rows – 30 sec

Double  Half Snatch or Snatch each side – 30 sec

Double Front Squat – 30 sec 

Kettlebell Squat Jumps – 30 sec 

Double Clean and Press – 30 sec

Double Push press – 30 sec 

Double One-legged Deadlift – 30 sec each side

Double Swings – 30 sec

Farmers carry – 30 sec 

Rack walk – 30 sec

(Do 3 rounds of each movement, use the method of 30 sec on 30 sec off, rest as needed between rounds)

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