Star Wars Workout Episode VI Return of The Snatch

Star Wars Workout Episode VI Return of The Snatch

In Episode VI the snatch returns to defeat the empire.  This workout has two parts to it.  In the first part, you will be battling Rancors and Sarlacc’s.  In the second part, you will help the Ewoks battle the stormtroopers.  The major emphasis that is going to be targeted in this workout is your backside.  Although don’t be fooled by the dark side as the movements in this workout cover everything.  


Workout Details

This is a full-body 30-45 min workout with a difficulty rating of intermediate to advanced.  Equipment needed is kettlebells and bodyweight.  Fitness capabilities it trains are strength, conditioning, muscular endurance, and intensity.  This workout can be performed anywhere.


Workout Instructions

In the first part do 6 monsters followed by snatch 6 reps each side.  Rest and go back to the monsters.  See how many rounds you can do in 12 min.  Rest as needed.

In the second part snatch for 1 min each side, then bear crawl for 1 min.  Then rest for 1 min.  Go back to snatch and start it all over again.  Do this combination for 6 rounds.  During the bear crawl every 6 steps you will do a push-up.  Always use good form and May The Force Be With You!

Star Wars Workout Episode VI Return of the Snatch

Monsters – 6 reps

Snatch – 6 reps each side

Do as many rounds as you of each with good form for 12 min rest as needed.


Snatch – 1 min each side

Bear Crawl w/push up – 1 min

Do 6 rounds of each rest 1 min between rounds.


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