star wars workout episode III revenge of the sandbag

Star Wars Workout Episode III Revenge Of The Sandbag

In Episode III the sandbag has it’s revenge and steals the republic from the kettlebell.  Every muscle will be used in this workout as you constantly wrestle with the sandbag.  The added sprints are a great bonus for both developing power and conditioning as well.


Workout Details

This is a full-body 30 min workout with a difficulty rating of intermediate to advanced.  Equipment needed is sandbag and bodyweight.  Fitness capabilities it trains are strength, conditioning, muscular endurance, intensity, and agility.  This workout can be performed anywhere, but outside would probably be best.


Workout Instructions

Pick a distance of at least 20 – 50 meters.  If all you have is 10 meters or less then you can just go back and forth 2-4 times.  Start off by doing sandbag shouldering 3 reps each side. Then sprint down and back.  Next, pick up the sandbag and carry it down and back.  Then sprint down and back.  Last do sandbag squats for 10 reps.  Once again sprint down and back.  That was one round.  See how many rounds you can do in 30 min.  Rest as needed between movements and rounds.  Always use good form and May The Force Be With You!

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sandbag

Sandbag Shouldering – 3 reps each side

Sprint down and back – 20 meters

Sandbag Carry down and back -20 meters

Sprint down and back – 20 meters

Sandbag Squats – 6 reps

Sprint down and back – 20 meters

Do as many rounds as you can of each with good form for 30 min rest as needed.


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