Rugby Strong Fitness Program


  • A custom online program to help athletes bust through their plateaus and help them become better.


  • Increase your strength 
  • Make you a more powerful and explosive athlete
  • Increase your stamina and endurance
  • Improve your range of motion and eliminate aches and pains in the joints
  • Add lean muscle mass and shed unwanted body fat
  • Decrease your chances of injury and extend your playing career
  • Improved recovery so that you are not as stiff and sore after competitions


Step 1 – We do an assessment to find what your strengths and weaknesses are.  We do a goal-setting session with you and mentally prepare you for the start of the program.

Step 2 – We work on building up your weak areas and start building a strong foundation.  We work on improving your conditioning and oxygen intake.

Step 3 – We continue to build upon your strong foundation created and start increasing the intensity.  We add in more advanced movements and implement rugby type simulation conditioning.

Step 4 – We continue to push you beyond your limits.  We keep making adjustments and continue to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  So that you continue to make progress and achieve what you never thought possible.


  • Athletes looking to get stronger and be more explosive
  • Athletes looking to improve their conditioning and range of motion
  • Athletes looking to improve their recovery and decrease their aches and pains


  • Athletes who are not interested in enhancing their performance on the rugby pitch
  • Athletes that are looking for a weight loss program or general fitness training
  • Athletes that are program hoppers and aren’t willing to put in the work


  • Videos for every movement in the program
  • Weekly motivation
  • Video analysis of your movements
  • Assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition meal plan and food list
  • Email support
  • Calls with coach
  • Monitoring and tracking of your progress
  • A custom program designed just for you


  • How many days per week are the training sessions?  This is a custom program based on your availability to train.  The number of training sessions per week will be based on what you can do.
  • How long are the training sessions? Once again this is a custom program based on your availability to train.  For the most part, the training sessions are usually around 60 min in length.  Depending on your availability they may be shorter or longer. 
  • What equipment do I need?  Basic things like barbells, kettlebells, and yourself.  We do a lot of calisthenics in our programming.  We do use bikes and rowers for some of our conditioning so if you have access to those great if not no worries.  If you don’t have access to any of those things and all you have are yourself, some rocks, and logs then that is what we will use for your program.  We build a program around you and what you have access to train with. 
  • Do you offer any type of feedback on my form? Yes, we have you send us videos of you lifting the main movements in the program and we critique each video and give you corrections on your form.
  • What if I don’t know how to do a certain lift or movement?  Not a problem.  We have instructional videos for every lift and movement that teaches how to do properly perform every lift and movement in the program.
  • My eating is not the greatest. Do you offer any nutrition advice? Yes, we help guide you on how to eat properly as an athlete and to enhance your performance.  We look at your daily eating habits and then give you advice on how to improve it.
  • How are the workouts delivered?  We use an app that delivers your training sessions to you.  It is very easy to use and tracks all your results and measures your progress.  It is also an easy way to provide comments and get feedback on your workouts.
  • How long is the program?  The standard program is 12 weeks long.


  • We guarantee you will hit a PR in both your strength and conditioning in 90 days or it’s free.

Ready to follow a structured program that will help you become a better athlete?  Then fill out the form below and we will contact you about getting started.