KB Ballistics

Kettlebell Ballistics

Explosion! That is the key component of a ballistic movement. These dynamic movements are a combination of speed and power.

Ballistic movements will increase your athleticism and shred fat from your body. Additionally, producing high repetition volume, similar to traditional kettlebell lifting, your conditioning will improve.

The core ballistic movements with the kettlebell are the swing, snatch, jerk, long cycle, and push press. The swing is great at developing power in the hips. The snatch develops power from the hips as well along with coordination of redirecting the kettlebell on its flight up and inserting the hand thru at the right time.

The jerk is an explosive movement involving power generated from the legs. Long cycle combines the clean and jerk together to generate a great combination of push and pull power together in one movement. The push press uses the legs for its power and strength to press the kettlebells up to the lockout position.

These kettlebell movements have the ability to literally transform your body. I have seen the results over and over again. Your power, strength, and stamina will all increase once you incorporate these kettlebell movements into your training.

You will also noticed improved coordination as these movements help you get better at moving force while standing. I always tell people it is like a dance with the kettlebell, both you and the kettlebell must work together to find balance or it falls apart. You are constantly moving with the kettlebell and positioning your body so that it doesn’t pull you off your feet.

These movements can be done with one kettlebell or two kettlebells and with interval style training or long duration sets. The possibilities are endless. Always make sure to learn proper technique before doing any ballistic movements. Doing high speed repetitions combined with bad technique is a sure way to injure yourself. Start slow with light weights and increase speed gradually. Only increase the weight once your technique is solid.

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