How to Make a Scooter

Want to learn how to create a great fitness tool that is affordable, easy to do and a lot of fun?  Well, then I give you the scooter! 

I am not talking about the ones with motors people ride around with and leave all over the sidewalks.  I am talking about the ones from gym class when you a kid. That is the scooter that is actually beneficial to use.  It helps you develop a strong core and is also a lot of fun to use.  

I wanted to get a scooter for myself and for the kids to use.  Although when I did a search on amazon all the scooters I saw where you using cheap plastic wheels and had weight limits.  I knew I could build one cheaper than what they were selling for and I could make it a lot stronger.  

That is exactly what I did and I am going to show you how you can make a scooter for about $25.  The only tools you need are a drill, a wrench, and a hack saw. Everything you need you can find at your local hardware store.  

The first thing you need is the base.  The perfect thing for this is a pre-made seat for a stool.  Which means no cutting or sanding. Easy! You can get them in a couple of different sizes.  The size I went with is 15 inches.  

Next, you are going to need some wheels.  You want to make sure they all swivel. Once again the caster wheels come in a lot of different sizes.  The size I went with 2-inch swivel caster wheels. I wanted to be closer to the ground and that is why I choose this option.  As you can see in the picture the wheels are solid rubber and each one has a weight limit of 90 lbs. Yep, that’s right my scooter can handle up to 400 lbs of weight on it. 

Last you need the hardware to hold the wheels to the base.  What you need are some nuts and bolts. I used carriage bolts because of the flat smooth tops they have.  I used lock nuts so that the nuts stay in place and never get loose. The size I used was ¼ inch for both the nuts and bolts.  The length of the bolt I got was 1 ½ inch.  

Now on to the assembly.  You need to find where you are going to place your wheels on the base and then mark the holes.    

Then go ahead and drill your holes.

After that go ahead and attach your wheels to the base with your nuts and bolts.  Make sure the nuts are on the side of the base with the wheels.

Now, this where you should be done or at least I thought, but when I tried to test out my scooter it didn’t move too well.  The reason is that the bolt was rubbing against the wheel not allowing it to freely move. What you need to do is take a hack saw, grinder, or router and cut off the remainder of the bolt sticking out past the nut off.

That’s it now you are finished.  Time to have some fun and test it out!  My favorite thing to do with the scooter is just hand walking with my feet on it.  You can get very creative just like with anything else on what you can do with the scooter.  My kids are always coming up with different ways on how to use them. I hope you enjoy your new scooter and have fun implementing it into your workouts.  Your body and mind will definitely thank you for using it.  

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