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What you will learn in this course

What you will learn in this course

In this course you will learn the basic kettlebell movements of the swing, clean, press, goblet squat, jerk, snatch, windmills, lunges, turkish get ups, long cycle, and more.

You will learn the proper technique technique for each of these movements and all other movements in the course. There are videos explaining how to do every movement that is in the course. Along with videos that break down each part of the movements.

You get a program to follow for 14 weeks. There are training sessions programmed for 6 days each week. With each day you get a video explaining how to perform the training for that given day. You will learn different methods of how to train with the kettlebell and the why and when to use those methods.

You will also learn about how to mentally train a valuable component that many neglect. There will be daily and weekly exercises that will help you become mentally strong and have laser focus. Strong mind Strong body!

You are going to learn about how to properly warm up and cool down. There are videos explaining how to do warm and cool down for each training session. You will also learn about recovery and how to properly incorporate that into your training.

You will get some advice on nutrition and some recipes to try. You will also get a training log to track your progress throughout the course.

I wanted to create a course that involved all the components of training and that will make you feel like an expert in kettlebells by the end of it. That is why I packed it with a ton of information that you have access to at anytime.

Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

This course is anyone that wants to learn how to properly use the kettlebell. This is a beginner level course to kettlebells. Whether you have some experience with kettlebells or not at all this course will help you become more proficient in the lifts and greatly increase your knowledge about lifting kettlebells as well.

The only requirements for this course is that you have a kettlebell or access to one. The only other thing you will need is yourself as there will be some bodyweight movements throughout the course as well.

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