KB Breath

Breathing and Movement

Your breath plays a big role in everything you do and especially when it comes to training. How you breathe directly affects the outcome of your performance. Paradoxical and Anatomical are the two types of breathing that take place during training.

Paradoxical breathing is primarily used for max efforts and short bursts. Think of squatting a really heavy weight. You fill your lungs up with air, descend into the squat, and then release the air on the way back up.

In paradoxical breathing, you are holding your breath so that your body tenses up for the movement it is about to perform. This is important to protect the body from injury, especially when it comes to heavy loads. Paradoxical breathing is best used for anaerobic movements. Basic definition of anaerobic means the absence of free oxygen.

Anatomical breathing is more cyclical and is used for longer durations such as endurance movements. Think of running, biking, rowing, or swimming. In these movements, you are constantly breathing while you perform the movement.

For example, running is a cyclical movement where you are constantly moving your legs and arms. These movements will increase your breathing patterns. Anatomical breathing is all about creating more oxygenated red bloods cells so that you are able to perform at peak levels. Anatomical breathing is best for aerobic movements. Basic definition of aerobic means requiring the use of free oxygen.

Based on what movement you are trying to perform will depend on what type of breathing you use. Paradoxical is going to be used for sprints, lifting heavy weights for short reps. Anatomical is going to be used for long distance runs, lighter weights for reps of 20 or more. So as you can see what you are trying to accomplish will greatly depend on your breathing.

There is a lot more that goes into breathing and what it can do for your body and mind. What you need to know is how to control your breath so that you can be at your top performance. Sometimes in training and life things go wrong and we get frustrated or angry. Instead of blowing up and losing composure focus on your breath and you will be able to instantly calm yourself down and regain focus.

This also goes for any sport when you start to panic and things are going downhill. Focus on taking some deep breaths and you will be able to regain focus and have a calm mind. You will be surprised at how much your performance can improve when you just focus on your breath.

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