At Rockfit we do not care or focus on how much we weigh or what we look like.  Instead, we focus on getting stronger, being better conditioned, and being more mobile.  We focus on the basic movements rather than isolating certain muscle groups.  The reason for this is we want to be able to run, jump, climb, crawl, and lift at anytime all while being pain-free.  This is the way God designed the human body to move and function and that is why we train this way.  When you focus on getting stronger and training this way along with proper recovery and nutrition you will not need to worry ever again about stepping on a scale or what you like in the mirror because you will have the body of an elite athlete.  


At Rockfit we train competitors. The competitor is someone who constantly striving to get stronger and better.  The competitor pushes themselves beyond their comfort so that they grow and become stronger and better.  The competitor knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day and creates a daily habit of becoming better.  They don’t compare themselves to others instead they focus on beating that man in the mirror.  Each day they work to become better than yesterday and strive for constant growth and improvement.  


At Rockfit we help spectators become competitors and we help competitors become greatness!  

Stronger and Better! Be Rockfit!