KB One Exercise

A Complete Workout With Just One Exercise

If you had to choose just one exercise to perform, the clean, squat, and press would be it. With the complex movement of the clean, squat, and press you can train the whole the body in minimal time. This training complex covers each of the 4 main movements push, pull, squat, and hinge. You can build enormous strength and size with just this exercise.

This movement is so effective because you are constantly changing levels between major lifts. All of your muscles will be working overtime on each rep you take. Throughout this exercise you also spend a lot of time under tension. This will make you stronger and build muscle. Additionally, the cardiovascular exertion from the clean, squat, and press will make you notice that your lungs will be on fire after just a few reps.

How does one perform this wonderful movement you ask?

1.) Clean the kettlebell up to the rack position
2.) Keep the kettlebell in the rack position and then perform a front squat
3.) Lock out the legs and then press the kettlebell overhead
4.) Lower the kettlebell back to the rack position and repeat the process all over with the clean

Clean, Squat, and Press with One Kettlebell

Now this exercise can be performed with one or two kettlebells. You can also perform this exercise with a barbell, sandbag, rock, lamb, etc. For the kettlebells start with one, master the movement, and then move onto two kettlebells. Moving from one kettlebell to two kettlebells will humble you when you realize the additional exertion that is needed to complete the set.

How many sets and reps should I do?

Listed below are two different variations for you to try:

1.) Ladder method – do 1,2,3 reps or 2,3,5 reps or even 1,2,3,4,5 reps and pick between 3-5 sets . For example: do one rep, set the bells down, rest, and then do two reps. Once you get to highest number of reps determined prior to your workout, that is one complete set. Then, you start over back at 1 rep.

2.) Time – just pick a rep range between 2-5 and then pick a time limit between 10-30 minutes. See how many rounds you can get with good form in the time set.

Clean, Squat, and Press with Two Kettlebells

Just a few side notes: Make sure that each movement has been completed before moving on to the next we want quality movements. The easiest way to do this is to take a breath between each movement. So clean the kettlebells up into the rack position, then take a breath. Make sure your feet are set, and then perform your front squat. Once you have stood up from your front squat, take another breath. Set your feet again and then press the kettlebells up overhead.

You want to make sure you are pressing the kettlebells from a dead start with no momentum. Once overhead, lockout the arms and take another breath, and then lower the kettlebells back to the rack position. In the rack position, you can take one more breath before going back into the clean. The breaths in between the movements will help slow you down to ensure that each rep is performed with good control. It will help you relax and focus. So give it a try and I know you will see why this movement is so effective in such little time.

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