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5 Move Complex Workout

This 5 move complex workout has a little bit of everything.  It works on mobility, strength, power, stamina, and burns heaps of fat.  As a bonus, you get to do a fun timed circuit after the complex that will get the heart pumping and blood flowing.  

Warm-Up (10 min)

Figure 8 Swings – 10 reps

Pick up/Push up – 5 reps

Bodyweight Lunges – 5 reps each side

Cleans – 5 reps each side

Do as many rounds as you can of each with good form rest as needed.

Part A (15 min)

(Complex) Windmill, Snatch, Clean, Push Press, Rack Squat – 5 reps each side for each movement

Perform 5 reps of each movement without setting the kettlebell down.  Do as many rounds as you can with good form rest as needed.

Part B (3 Rounds)

High Knees – 30 sec

Side Plank – 30 sec each side

Figure 8 Swings – 1 min

Thrusters – 30 sec each side

Do 3 rounds of each rest 30 sec or less between exercises, rest 1-3 min between rounds or longer if you need.

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