3 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Results

You have decided it’s time to get off the couch and start doing something productive for your health.  With no plan in place, you head to the gym hop on a treadmill and then go do some random machines. You got a good sweat and feel good about what you did.  

You keep up the same routine for a couple of weeks then notice that you are not seeing any results.  You feel frustrated that your body has not changed from all the hard work you have been doing. You start to second guess yourself and say what’s the point.  This path eventually leads to skipping workouts and searching for the latest magic pill or gadget.   

More time goes on and you and you still do not have the results you are looking for.  You end up putting your workouts beside because what’s the point you aren’t getting any results anyways.  This ends up leading to you right back on the couch where you started.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Before you start training for a better life have a plan in place.  Here are 3 common pitfalls with solutions on how to avoid them so that you can have success with your training and not frustration.  

No consistency – you jump from program to program thinking or hoping that the next one will be better.  You are just looking for a quick fix. When you do not see results right away you look or hear about a new program that people are doing.  

You see the posts people are making about how this is the best program ever so you assume it will work for you as well.  You quit the current program you are on and quickly go sign up for that one. Getting results in training takes time there are no quick-fix solutions.  What you see is just a lot of clever advertising.

Solution – avoid the fancy gimmicks and just stick with just one program.  Be consistent in your training and follow the program you are on for at least 12 weeks.  That will give you enough time to really see if it is working for you or not. Make sure you are moving every day.  If a program has only 3 days of training make sure you are doing something on those off days as well.  

Those off days are probably recovery days so it does not have anything too strenuous, but it should something that gets the blood moving like mobility work or yoga.  If there is something you enjoy doing like running, biking, swimming, rock climbing, etc. do it on your rest days. Movement is life. When you stop moving is when you start having problems.

No clear goals – you start training without any set defined goals.  This is the equivalent of starting a business without a business plan.  I want to lose weight and I want to get in shape are not goals. There are no why’s behind them or measurable standards.  

Without clearly defined goals you will not have any motivation to keep training and will likely get frustrated and stop training.  The two most common goals people have in training that keep them going are training for some type of competition or the doctor basically told them to start training or die.

Solution – set realistic goals that are measurable.  Find your why to those goals. If your goal is to lose weight, then why do you want to lose weight?  Is it to fit into a pair of jeans, is it for health reasons, or is it so that you will feel better about yourself.  

Then ask that same why to your answers.  Why do you want to fit into those jeans? Keep asking those why’s until you find what really is going to get you motivated and not want to quit no matter how hard it gets.  

Make sure you set timelines and ways to measure your goals.  Getting in shape is great, but in shape for what and why? How will you measure getting in shape?  Let’s say you want to get in shape for your kids and live a healthy life. You have to dig deeper why do you want to get in shape for your kids and why do you want to live a healthy life?  

After you still need a way of measuring your goal.  Let’s say use push ups and running to determine your fitness shape.  You test yourself and see how many times you can do 10 push ups and run 20 meters in 10 minutes.  Let’s say you got 4 rounds the first time you do it. You then set a goal of getting 6 rounds in 5 weeks.  Your goal now has it’s deep why and is both realistic and measurable.  

No accountability – you have goals but tell no one about them or you have no goals.  You go to train but have no pre-set training for that day and just do whatever you feel like doing. 

You have no coach or group of people to support and push you. There is no form of progress in your training.  You have nothing to make sure that you keep training and advance toward the results you want.  

Solution – get a coach and tell the world about your goals.  Nothing is going to keep you more accountable than hiring a coach that will tell what to do and why.  The coach’s main responsibility is getting you the results you desire. They will push you to do things outside of your comfort zone.  

The coach is there to guide you and give you motivation.  Without a coach, you are just spinning your wheels doing the same thing over and over again without any results.  Tell people about your goals and write them down. Hang your goals up somewhere you can see them every day.  

You don’t have to post stuff on social media, but when you are talking to family or friends let them know of your goals.  Tell people you just met for the first time about your goals as well. Be proud of your goals and what you are trying to achieve.  The next time you run into your family or friends they will ask you how your goals are going. That’s accountability. That’s what’s going to keep you motivated and progress towards the results you want!


There you have it 3 simple things you can do to help you get the results you are looking for.  Define your goals, stay consistent in your training, and find a coach to help put you on the right path.  Just by doing these 3 things you will see results faster and avoid a lot of heartache and frustration.   

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